Camp Fires


Here at Twitey’s we positively encourage you to have a campfire, after all what can be better after a days’ sightseeing than to relax under the stars around a roaring camp fire with a drink and some great company.  Every tent pitch has a fire pit for you to use. For saftey:

  • Make sure your tent is at least 2m away from the fire pit.
  • Don’t use flammable liquids to start your fire, we sell firelighters in our shop, they are a much safer way of starting your fire.
  • Please take a green plastic bucket, fill it with water and keep close by in case of an emergency.
  • Please don’t put batteries into the fire (they explode)!
  • ALWAYS supervise children closely when a fire is burning.
  • Take note of where the fire buckets are located around the site. DO NOT remove these unless it is to put out a fire in an emergency.
  • Please dispose of the ash using the metal bucket and shovel provided and put cold ash in the metal ash bins found around the site.
  • Be aware that embers can still be glowing in the morning, please use water to dampen the ash.
  • NEVER leave your fire unattended and when you want to leave, or go to bed,make sure that it has gone out completely and is cold. (dousing with water and stirring the embers will ensure that nothing is left burning)
  • Keep chairs, bags, anything flammable away from the edge of the fire –even if it’s not touching, the heat may ignite it.
  • Keep any extra firewood well away from your fire.

We know some of you like to bring your own firewood and that’s ok with us, but please:

  • Please no painted or treated wood, it smells awful and pollutes the environment.
  • Please no wood with nails or screws, these invariably end up in the tyres of our mower.
  • Only make a fire in the designated pitch fire pit.

Nature and biodiversity Also please do not go around the site gathering wood yourselves. Decaying wood is an important part of biodiversity and is habitat to 1800 invertebrate species in the U.K.  These insects in turn provide food for birds, bats and mammals.  Rotting wood also allows fungi to play a vital part in recycling organic matter.  So, by leaving fallen wood alone we can help in sustain the biodiversity of our countryside. Wood sources We always have in our shop a supply of 100% British firewood never imported, it’s local and from a sustainable source. We support local small business by buying in from a local wood supplier.  We can also provide firelighters, kindling and matches. Netted bag of logs from £5.50 Kindling bag £4.00 Firelighters from £1.00 Matches from £0.19 Alternatively you can order a firestarter bundle when you book online, that’s a bag of logs, bag of kindling,  a packet of firelighters and a box of matches all for £9.50.